4th Leadership Summit, 2020 —A legacy to Cherish

Leadership Summit 2020 organized by Students’ Alumni Cell brought to you by Moglix, ended on a successful note with some of the big names of the country as guest appearances for the summit. The panel actively participated and interacted with the lovely audience of IIT Kharagpur and participants from some major parts of the country as well. The event was moderated by the dynamic voice of Ms Tanvi Shukla, news editor Mirror now which was also the official News channel partner for the leadership summit 2020. The panel discussion was given a grand start with the formal introduction of the fellow panellists: Dr Duvvuri Subbarao, Mr Sayan Das, Mr Rahul Vishal Sinha, Mr Sudipto De, Mr Nitin Arora and Mr Animesh Saxena.

The discussion was majorly centred around the topic Financial Inclusion: Challenges and Opportunities. While the discussion started on the importance of Financial Inclusion and its current state in India, it went on to figure out how it affected the general population, its current challenges, how to resolve them, and the situation around the world. The conversation grew about how the 2008 crisis affected the situation of financial inclusion and in general the economy of the world, also hearing a lot of interesting stories of the panellists who were also the alumni of IIT Kharagpur, during the recession, the takeaways and the preventive measures. Perhaps the most interesting topic of all was how the global financial landscape changed after 2008 and what characteristics should be shown by people that this doesn’t repeat. Following the 2008 recession, the discussion moved to the 2020 crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic and how the government and RBI are handling it, the aftermath, and the damage. We also got to hear a lot of insights about Dr D Subbarao’s tenure as the 22nd Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, what he would have done differently, and how the government and the RBI evolved since the end of his tenure. Moving a bit off the topic, the audience no doubt enjoyed listening to the experience of alumni during their stay at IIT Kharagpur, the lively stories even today which took them back to their campus life. The Alumni too had a great experience in conversing with the lovely audience of the event and also getting connected with fellow panellists off stage.

Day 1 — Leadership Summit 2020

After the successful completion of the first session of the event, Alumni Cell, IIT Kharagpur was back with session 2 of the event after a gap of 7 days after the first session. The event was again hosted in a well interactive way by Ms Tanvi Shukla, News editor Mirror Now. The event was mainly centred around three major facets of modern industry: Digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship. The event commenced with the introduction of fellow panellists: Mr.Ram Bhamidi, Mr Bhaskar Majumdar, Mr Apurva Kumar Sinha, Mr Joyjeet Maity, Mr Mohan Silaparasetty, Mr Indrajeet Singh. followed by a panel discussion which covered the entire spectrum of the virtue of leadership ranging in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Technology Entrepreneurship. The discussion also followed suggestions and ideas about the importance of the hub of innovation that India aspires to be, which isn’t faced with a lot of impediments, on the contrary, The amount of talent and opportunities in the country is indeed incomparable. However, making a correct choice amongst the plethora of opportunities is the task that needs to be done was the unanimous thought of the discussion. The event witnessed a huge turnover with a lovely audience and the discussion of over 1.5 hours ended on a sound note. After this, the guests were greeted for their esteemed presence to grace the event and Leadership Summit 2020 was officially announced to have ended on a successful note. The hard work of over a month finally paid off and the summit of over two weeks was indeed substantiated to be a one of its kind event of the year.

Day 2 — Leadership Summit 2020

To catch the Leadership Summit in full swing make sure you watch the following recorded sessions of both Day1 and Day2.

Leadership Summit Day 1 — https://youtu.be/o402VTAwEis

Leadership Summit Day 2 — https://youtu.be/SlfBFoJdB-8


“Hello Students’ Alumni Cell team: thanks for inviting me on the panel and reconnecting me with the institute. Sudipto, Sayan, Dr Subbarao, Animesh, and Nitin. It was great to connect with you. My Saturday started at 4 am my time, but it was worthwhile. Looking forward to remaining in touch with you all.” — Rahul Vishal Sinha

“Just to say that I endorse what Rahul said. It was wonderful to share the panel with all of you guys (Sudipto, Sayan, Animesh, Nitin and Rahul). I see that all of you are moving up in your careers and life. My best wishes for every success and all happiness. Thank you so much for this. I am deeply touched. I enjoyed being part of the leadership summit and of course reconnecting with all of you. You and your team are doing a great job. My best wishes for the success of all your endeavours.” — Dr D Subbarao

“Great work guys! Well organised and great to hear the views of other panellists. All the best!” — Nitin Arora

“Congratulations to you and the team for successfully organizing such a fantastic event and thank you for inviting me as a speaker. It was wonderful participating in this event along with the other esteemed speakers which also brought back a lot of memories of campus life. KGP ka tempo High Hai!! Keep up the good work and wish you all the best! ”— Mohan Silaparasetty

“Thanks for having me. My best wishes to you, the whole team at KGP and all the other panellists.” — Ram Bhamidi



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